Panther Field Rules - Last Update: June 20th, 2015

*These Rules are Subject to Change*


  • Waivers
    • Any person entering the playing field is required to fill out and sign a Waiver Form completely and accurately.
    • All players 17 or younger must have their Parent or Legal Guardian sign the waiver form on your behalf.
    • Observers, Photographers or anyone else that would like to enter the playing field is required to sign a waiver form.
  • Age Restrictions
    • Minimum Age for Paintball: 10
    • Minimum Age for Airsoft: 10
  • General Conduct Rules
    • NO SMOKING on the field or in the Neutral Zone.
    • NO DRUGS OR ALCOHOL use will be tolerated.
    • NO ILLEGAL OR ILLICIT BEHAVIOUR will be tolerated.
    • NO SWEARING OR FOUL LANGUAGE towards other Players, Customers or Staff.
    • NO LITTERING, use garbage cans and recycle bins.
    • DO NOT SHOOT ANY ANIMALS or wildlife on the property.
    • DO NOT SHOOT INTO OR ACROSS THE RIVER or into neighboring properties.
  • Player Conduct Rules
    • NO CHEATING, be honorable, if you’re hit, call “HIT!”
    • NO OVERSHOOTING, do not shoot a player after they call “HIT!”
      Overshooting is defined as any extra shots that hit a player after they’ve called “HIT!”.
    • NO SHOOTING “DEAD” PLAYERS, do not shoot any player that is already eliminated.
    • NO BLIND FIRING, must have a clear visual sight line on your target.
    • NO TALKING TO LIVE PLAYERS or team mates when you’re “Dead”
    • NO PHYSICAL CONTACT with any players on the field.
  • 3-Strike System for Rule Violations
    • Players will be under a 3-Strike System for Field Rules and Player Conduct violations.
      • 1st Violation: Verbal Warning
      • 2nd Violation: Removed from the Game
      • 3rd Violation: Suspended for the Day
    • Repeat offenders will be subject to extended suspensions and may result in a permanent ban from the facility.
    • Any player who is caught maliciously and purposely trying to injure or hurt another player, referee or staff will be asked to leave immediately.
    • The Referee/Field Manager has the ultimate final decision.
  • Paintballs and BB’s
    • NO outside/off-field paintballs allowed.
    • NO off field BB’s are allowed in rental guns.
    • NO outside/off-field BB’s allowed unless a BB Corkage Fee has been paid by the individual, in which case you may use your own Bio BB’s only. Student’s and players aged 21 and under are exempt from the Corkage Fee.
    • NO BB’s under 0.20g in weight.
    • Only Biodegradable BB’s are permitted on the field.


  • General Safety Rules
    • Goggles MUST BE ON AT ALL TIMES on the field. (No Exceptions)
    • Barrel Covers MUST BE ON AT ALL TIMES in the Neutral Zone and Parking Lot.
    • Airsoft Guns must have their magazines removed and the chamber cleared when entering the Neutral Zone.
    • All Paintball and Airsoft Guns must be chronographed to meet the Field’s Velocity Limits in order to be eligible to be used on the field.
    • Absolutely NO Pellet Guns or Air Rifles are permitted.
    • Players must obey REFEREES and STAFF instructions AT ALL TIMES.
    • In case of Emergency, notify the REFEREE or any STAFF immediately.
  • Basic Weapons Handling
    • Always treat your paintball marker or airsoft weapon as if it were loaded.
    • Never place your finger in the trigger guard until you are ready to fire your weapon.
    • Control your muzzle direction at all times! Only aim at what you intend to shoot at.
    • Accidental discharges will not be tolerated.
    • All testing of weapons takes place at the Chrono Station or on the field.
    • Avoid taking Point Blank shots at another person or player. Point Blank will be considered less than 10 ft. for stock weapons and less than 20 ft. for upgraded weapons.
  • Safety Equipment

    • Eye Protection
      • All Paintball Goggles/Masks must be ASTM certified, offer full face protection and meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 Ballistic Rating.
      • All Airsoft Goggles/Masks must meet or exceed ANSI Z87.1 Ballistic Rating and provide a full seal around the eyes without any visible gaps.
      • We highly recommend full face protection or mesh masks for Airsoft to prevent injuries to the face.
      • Full face protection is mandatory for those under 18 years old.
    • Barrel Covers
      • Barrel Covers MUST BE ON AT ALL TIMES  on your paintball marker and airsoft weapon in the Neutral Zone and Parking Lot.
    • Kill Rags
      • Red Kill Rags are highly recommended for Airsoft but not mandatory.
      • Kill Rags are effective for clearly identifying yourself as a “dead” player to prevent accidental or overshooting.
    • Smoke / Grenades / Mines
      • Permitted
        • Enola Gaye Cold-Burning Smoke Grenades are allowed.
        • Hokkotsu/Valken Thunder B Sound Grenades are allowed
        • Airsoft Innovations Tornado BB and Sound Grenades are allowed.
        • Paint Grenades
        • Paint and BB Land Mines
      • Not Permitted
        • NO Dangerous, Flammable or Explosive objects.
        • NO Road Flares, Marine Flares or any kind of flares.
        • NO Fireworks or Firecrackers.
        • NO Marine Smoke.


  • General Paintball Rules
    • Players are considered Hit and Eliminated when a paintball impacts and breaks anywhere on your body and leaves a clearly visible paint splatter.
    • When you’re hit, yell “HIT!” out loud, raise your hand up and walk off the field.
    • Bounces, Ricochets and Paint Splatters DON’T COUNT.
    • Gun Hits COUNT, you are considered eliminated if your gun gets hit.
  • Paintball Velocity Limits
    • Max Velocity: 300 fps (Feet/Sec)
    • Max Full Auto Rate of Fire: < 15 bps (Balls/Sec)


  • General Airsoft Rules
    • Players are considered Hit and Eliminated when a BB impacts anywhere on your body, head or gear.
    • When you’re hit, yell “HIT!” out loud, raise your hand up, pull out your Kill Rag and walk off the field.
    • Bounces and Ricochets DON’T COUNT.
    • Gun hits DON’T COUNT, but you should still yell “GUN HIT!”
    • Semi-Auto Only In/Out of Buildings/Structures
    • No Full Auto within 30 ft of the target player.
    • Mercy Rule: You may offer a mercy kill on an opposing player within 5 ft only if they are completely unaware of your presence/position. Simply shout “Mercy!” in which point the opposing player can either accept the mercy by responding “I’m Out!” or they may refuse your mercy and try to fire back at you, in which case you may fire 1-2 shots to eliminate the player.
    • Medics: Special games involving players designated as Medics, allows them the ability to revive “dead” players by touching them with both hands for 10 secs.
    • Knife Kills: The use of rubber dummy knives are permitted, a simple tap on an opposing player is enough to mark a knife kill. There is absolutely NO stabbing, jabbing or anything that could hurt someone.
  • Airsoft Velocity Limits
    – All Standard Airsoft Guns will be chrono’d with 0.2g BB’s AND the actual BB’s that you’ll be using. Both readings must fall under the following velocity limits and restrictions
Max Velocity:
(w/ 0.2g BB)
400 fps 450 fps 480 fps
Max Energy:
(w/ 0.2g BB)
1.7 J 1.9 J 2.2 J
Min Engage Distance: (MED) 20 ft 50 ft 80 ft
Firing Mode: Semi/Full Auto Semi-Only Bolt Action
Restrictions: No Full Auto
within 20 ft.
No Full Auto Must have Sidearm
  • HPA Powered Airsoft Guns Restriction
    – All HPA Powered Airsoft Guns will be chrono’d with 0.3g BB’s AND the actual BB’s that you’ll be using. Both readings must fall under the following velocity limits and restrictions.


Max Velocity:
(w/ 0.3g BB)
343 fps
Max Energy:
(w/ 0.3g BB)
1.7 J
Min Engage Distance: (MED) 20 ft
Firing Mode: Semi/Full Auto
Restrictions: No Full Auto within 20 ft.
Max Rate of Fire: 20 RPS (Rounds/Sec)
All Regulators Must be Locked Securely