Frequently Asked Questions at Panther
Why should I play at Panther?
  • Largest outdoor paintball facility (57 Acres) in the Vancouver Lower Mainland.
  • 10+ Unique Fields and Terrain and Full Size Competitive Paintball Field.
  • Offering a variety of Games that showcase all aspects of Paintball and Airsoft.
  • Reliable and Quality Rental Equipment.
  • Friendly and Professional Staff.
  • Canadian Owned and Operated since 1986.
Is Paintball safe?

Yes, we have run for many years with no injuries as we take safety very seriously. Each player is required to hear the safety speech that is not only told to people but is also on our website to maximize coverage of knowledge on equipment safety. Our rules encompass everything from gun safety to engagement rules, no fire zones, and courteous behavior.

What is the minimum age to play Paintball or Airsoft?

The absolutely minimum age to play Paintball or Airsoft is 10 years old, although we recommend 12 years or older. All players under the age of 19 and who are not being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to the field must bring a signed waiver form in order to participate.

How much does it cost?

The average player spends approximately $60 plus tax for a full day of games. On the other hand, you can expect to spend about $40 plus tax in a half day. This varies based on the amount of paintballs you shoot.

How many paintballs will I need?

This depends on the type of player you are and how many games you want to play. Typically, a player shoots an average of 50-100 paintballs per game. More if you are trigger happy or if it’s a big game. We offer discounted rates Pre-Booked Groups and Memberships for Equipment Owners or those who wish to play regularly.

How many games are we going to play?

This depends on your arrival time and the overall pace of your group. Games last about 15 minutes on average depending on the size of group and pace. Over the course of the day, you will play several types of games. Some will emphasize stealth and strategy, while others will be all-out action.

Where is the field located?

We are located in South Surrey at 19022 16th Avenue, only 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver and close to Highway 99 and other major highways coming from all major areas of the Lower Mainland and USA. For a Map or Directions to the field, please click here.

What should I bring?
  • Upper Body: Dress in a t-shirt with long or short sleeves depending on preference. Consider a hoodie for those colder days.
  • Lower Body: We recommend jeans, sweatpants, or whatever you’re comfortable in. Coveralls are also available.
  • Because we are an outdoor facility you may get a little dirty during the action of play. If you do not rent coveralls we suggest wearing appropriate old clothes
  • Soccer Cleats or similar for an advantage in traction and speed: Older runners are also fine but please leave your brand new Yeezy’s at home.
  • Light gloves for hand protection and we do offer gloves for sale onsite if you forget.
  • Drinking water, especially in hot weather and we have a wide selection of beverages available onsite if you forget.
  • A camera, if you want pictures of your day.
  • A change of clothes for the trip home if you plan on not renting coveralls.
  • A signed Waiver Form if you are under the age of 19 and are not being accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
What should I NOT bring?

Absolutely NO:

  • Alcohol or drugs. Alcohol or illicit substance use will result in immediate removal from the premises without refund.
  • Dangerous/prohibited items or devices (Knives, restricted firearms).
  • BBQ’s or cooking equipment.
  • Non-bio bb’s and bb’s under 0.20g.
  • A paintball gun that you don’t know how to use (clean, fix, or chronograph). You’ll have more fun and less grief using ours.
  • Your own paintballs. They must be purchased from us at the site on the day of the game as we are a Field Paint Only Facility as per BC Paintball Industry Standards for safety and experience quality.
Do you have games during the week?

As we are a full-time facility, we are open for group bookings 7 days a week, including most holidays. Weekday bookings must be booked at least 48 hours in advance on our website.

How do I make a Private Booking for my group?

Follow these simple steps to successfully organize your Panther Paintball Adventure:

  • Contact us a minimum 48 hours in advance of your desired date or take a look at our Calendar.
  • Pick a day that is good for you and the majority of your friends. Remember, no day will be perfect for everyone. Choose the best!
  • Call us at 604-533-0890 or Make an Online Booking
  • Prepay for rental packages to ensure availability of equipment and to receive the online booking discount. If the organizer is unable to prepay for all renters each player can pay individually for themselves through the online booking system. Only prepaid packages will be guaranteed as we have a limited amount of equipment. Booking in advance is the only way to confirm your booking and reserve the equipment for your time slot.
  • Gun owners will pay on the day of play as our booking system is only for reserving rental equipment.
  • Save Money with our Discounted Group Rates
  • Once you receive a confirmation from us by Phone or Email, your group is considered booked and we will see you on the day of the game.
Will we be playing with other people?

Yes, unless you book a Private Referee. If you join a Public Drop-In game, our staff will make sure the teams are fair so that everyone has a good time.

Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellations or postponements must be made more than 24 hours in advance of the booking.
  • Full or partial refunds are unavailable within 24 hours of the booking time.
  • Rain, hail, and light snow are not eligible reasons for cancellation within 48 hours of booking time.
  • We will contact your booking if the facility must close due to heavy snowfall or storms.