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The Panther Team

Jacky Chan

President, CEO

Jacky's Profile

Mr. Jacky Chan played his first paintball & airsoft game in Canada at the Panther field back in 1996. As the Co-Founder/CEO of MILSIG.CA and a pioneer in the Airsoft industry, Jacky has taken major part in introducing and popularizing Airsoft in Canada since 1998 and spear-headed the Magfed paintball movement.  With extensive business experience and involvement in multiple industries, Jacky is thrilled to bring new elements and exciting leadership to the new Panther Adventure Park and continue the expansion of what has always been his favorite boyhood playground!

Stanley Lam

CTO, IT Director

Stan's Profile

Stanley Lam, call sign “Stanbo”, is born and raised in Vancouver, BC and got his very first airsoft gun in 1992. He played his very first game of paintball in 1998 at Panther Paintball and has been a huge fan of shooting sports and firearms ever since he was 8 years old. He founded Planet Airsoft.net, an airsoft blog, when he was still in high school and co-founded MILSIG Paintball Canada Ltd. in 2007 with his long time friend Jacky Chan. In 2014 he co-founded HonorCore Industries, a magfed paintball brand and is now a co-owner of his home field, Panther Paintball. Stan is responsible for all the IT Infrastructure, Web Development, Graphics Design and Marketing Material for all 3 companies. When he’s not working, he’s either training muay thai kickboxing, riding his motorcycle or hanging out with his buddies.

Matthew Chiu

CFO, Director of Business Development

Matthew's Profile

Matthew believes that staying positive and focused are the keys to building success. With his managing experience and his love for (the great outdoor/adrenaline/sports/adventures), he is determined to make Panther an unforgettable/enjoyable experience for you.

Edmond Fu

VP of Operations

Edmond's Profile

Edmond studied and graduated in Airport Operations at BCIT and has been in the paintball/airsoft industry for 7 years. He is responsible for the overall operation, including analysis and improvement. He also takes care of the logistics department at the head office.

Felix Lai

General Manager

Felix's Profile

– Start playing airsoft at the age of 15 with Jacky
– Had worked in the hospitality industry for 4 years (Front office at a hotel and managing a restaurant)
– been working with MILSIG for 3 years as managing director
– specialize in teching the HORNORCOR marker and airsoft GBB pistol

Looking forward to work closely with our team and provide the best service and experience for our customers

Elliott Hart

Operations Manager

Elliott's Profile

I started at Panther the same time as Airsoft did, because our paths have been very intertwined, from the first rental guns at panther to my first gun bought at Panther, all come from Airsoft. My first gun bought at Panther was the G&G UMG plus that one gun from Call of Duty; you know that one gun that you used that one time it look like that one with a hand guard.

I find myself thinking about Airsoft more than I should at times and that may come from the many years playing. Whether figuring out the next step for a game or what would be a unique form of Airsoft entertainment, the environment at panther has fueled the creation of my personal team; Red Team. I value the team started at panther because it holds the same values, anyone can play until you choose not to and everyone is welcome.

P.S. Hi Laura!

Laura Wilson

Administration Manager

Laura's Profile

Laura played paintball for the first time in 2012 and has been part of the airsoft community since it began here at Panther. Her favourite airsoft gun is a Scar-L and she enjoys acquainting herself with player’s dogs. She looks forward to what the future holds for Panther with the expansion of Panther Adventure Sports Park. P.S. Hi Elliott!

Devin Dhillon

Airsoft Technician / Operations

Devin's Profile

Hey there, I’m Devin “Encyclopedia” Dhillon. You may know me as “that one airsoft tech who talked your ear off for an hour”. I’ve been a member of the Panther airsoft community since 2013 and I’ve loved every moment of it.

I got my start in airsoft by using the guns and kit as props in film making in 2010. Over the years, I grew an immense passion for playing airsoft along with fixing and upgrading airsoft guns. I have been teching for as long as I have been playing, working on countless guns over the years. Airsoft, or “BB Wars” as I and many others affectionately refer to it as, has become a very large part of my life. There are very few things that I love more than aiding in the growth of the airsoft and paintball communities as a whole.

Hope to see you out there, soon.

Favourite Rifles: Anything ICS

Gavin Krakower

Head Referee

Gavin's Profile

Hello my name is Gavin,

I started off playing paintball then shortly moved to airsoft. Airsoft quickly became one of my favourite hobbies. My first gun was a kp06 hand gun and I recently got a PolarStar. I am also the admin of Half Pint airsoft team. I started reffing here in 2017 and quickly moved up in the ranks.

P.S. Devin fix my gun please

Brayden Soriano

Referee / Operations

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Hendrik Fisk

Referee / Operations

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Adam Thompson

Referee / Operations

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Brandon Wiltshire

Referee / Operations

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