The History of Panther Paintball


In 1988 while sitting around after work one Friday afternoon having a few drinks with co workers the conversation funneled into questions about this new “War Games” thing that was happening around North America. After a few more drinks it was decided that the whole company should go out and shoot each other at this “Survival Game” in Fort Langley that ran these “War Games”. So as the designated “phone caller guy”, Panther’s future founder made the calls and arrangements and in 2 weeks the entire company was out on a damp fall day playing “War Games”. Oil Based Paintballs, single shot bolt recock cattle marking Nelspot 007 marking guns and Uvex shop goggles where the equipment of choice.

Now hooked, though after shooting an astounding 30 paintballs during the 4 hour excursion , he had to go back and play again, and he did, two weeks later, then he began to look into finding equipment. (You have to understand the internet was years away, and phone books and magazines are all you had when looking for anything)

Locating a couple of old rusted 007 markers in a military surplus store, he took them home sanded, cleaned, polished, and “gun blued” them back to life. Putting on a piece of pvc pipe, cut with a Dremel tool to use as a pump ( he still carries the scar on his hand of the early bolt action) This was the start of an addiction to Action Sportz that exists to this day.

In September 1989 Panther Paintball Guns was formed and began to import paintballs ( 5 cases at a time – big order back then) and pieces of equipment, Woodstalker face masks to protect your face under the Uvex Goggles. New springs to alter the velocity of the Nelspot 007 markers, and THE SPEED WHEEL, so you could unscrew the 12 gram Co2 faster. Eventually Panther’s founder started the Pacific Coast Paintball Club, so players could run games for new players and build a small Business/Club to allow them to play more. Laziness and apathy took hold and so he and few keeners formed The Westcoast Commando Game, running games on a farmers bushland on weekends. About the same time Panther’s Owner opened a storefront on Fraser Hiway in Langley, becoming the First Paintball exclusive store in Western Canada, but again the partners at Westcoast Commando Game couldn’t see the potential and opted out, so Panther once more took the Bull by the horns, located a piece of land in South Surrey, and opened Panther Paintball Adventures. The location stands to this day as the biggest and longest running fields in BC.

Along the way Panther Prime (Nickname of Prime was bestowed early in the founders paintball career) played at every level of Paintball from beginner to Pro, and helped train some of the best players to come out of competitive paintball in BC

Taxi Drivers From Hell
Westcoast Commandos
BC Storm
Avalanche Canada

The Local Teams to Dominate Paintball in BC for over 15 Years all called Panther home, BC Storm (Captained by Chris Hamel) being the first team honored with induction into the BC Paintball Hall Of Fame in 2009.

As the years passed and the game changed from Woodsball to Hyperball, Sup Air and finally Speedball, Panther Paintball was there at the forefront, bringing new products to the consumer, the leading innovators of Compressed Air in BC starting as far back as 1992 using what today is a staple in Paintball. Most innovations in the BC game of paintball have originated at Panther, 12 years ago Panther began allowing the use of its massive 57 acre location to be used for Airsoft ( a new, at that time, type of Military Simulation sport). Forever innovating and looking at new Action Sportz Panther hosted a Zombie / Paintball adventure in 2012 and despite mixed reviews it was moderately successful and with some tweaks and improvements could again be a viable Adventure sport. In 2013 Panther; through Elliott’s direction and guidance ventured into the Airsoft rental market, becoming the first field in BC to offer Airsoft rentals and run commercial games for the public.

So now Panther has become Panther Action Sportz, a name that symbolizes our diversity, and quest to offer the best Action Adventures available anywhere.

Hang on the ride has just begun as we look forward to the next 25 years.


Chris Hamel
Original Founder
Painther Paintball